Have you been wondering why you were born during this time? With news of wars, rumors of war, human intolerance, social unrest and disquiet all around us it makes us think. You might even question, “What am I still doing here. Come get me God!”

Recently, I have found myself asking similar questions and even asking additional questions of God.

  • Why have I faced some of the most intense experiences this year?
  • Why does it seem that the darkness of life outshines the light of hope?
  • Why do I have to be an example and pass daily tests? Can you find someone else to test?

I have been asking these questions consistently this year.  As I was having a moment, I received this simple response, “You were born for today.” Though it is difficult for your mind to fathom, it is true. God knew that you would be here and would be a part of His plan. He knew your voice, your influence, and your leadership are needed to be a solution in the midst of chaotic circumstances. This response made me pause and see my life from a new, elevated perspective.

Maybe you have experienced a challenging year as I have. Maybe you are still trying to find the joy in being here at this time. Let me offer you some encouraging reminders that your purpose is to thrive. God has not abandoned you. God has not taken a yearlong vacation. He is with you and His purposes are good.

Here are a few other encouraging reminders:

Light dispels darkness, so be a light and shine for God As I have been scanning my social media timeline, I see people saying that it is time for the end. It is almost as if they have packed up their suitcases and the journey of life has become self-centered. “God rescue me, but everyone else is on their own. Yes, even those walking in darkness are not my problem.”

God will arrive and yes there is an end. However, while you are here you have a purpose to complete. That purpose is to demonstrate His light everywhere you are. There are many people that are unaware that they can arise from dark situations and places. That is where you come in and are unafraid of sharing hope. What you might have faced could be what someone else needs to hear. Someone needs to see hope and endurance through our example. Are you using your light to shine for God or are you hiding it due to what is happening in the world?

Godly leaders do not have to fear darkness. As a leader, you were born to address adversity with valor and wisdom. One of my favorite leaders is David, who in the face of Goliath said, “Who are you in comparison to God? You will lose because God is greater than you!” As a leader, you must be willing to arise. In the days to come, God will use you to serve as a consultants of truth and also of ingenuity. You do not need to worry about what to say or how to say it. God will give you the right wisdom in the moment to provide Godly answers. Stand boldly in the face of dark experiences and say, “Nothing is stronger than God. He always provides opportunities for me to win!”

As long as you are breathing, you have a purpose. Take a deep breath. Exhale. You are still here!

You were created in the image of God. His very breath was used to bring you to life! This means that all God is, you are too. It doesn’t matter what life might appear to be right now. Every moment and chapter of your life has purpose. Make it a habit to ask God how He would like to use you during the day. Hear His instruction and then follow it. Yes, it is that simple.

The next time this question comes up in my day, I am going to adhere to this wisdom. I was not born in the wrong time period. I was born at the right time and God has a purpose for my today.

You Were Born For Today



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