Have you ever awakened only to bury yourself in the safety of your covers? When you did arise, were everyday tasks laborious? Does it feel like you are the only person who has experienced this type of day? Reflect for a moment on the last time you had this experience. What thoughts entered your mind first? Negative thoughts, I’d presume. Your mind might even play multiple recordings of negative outcomes and become flooded with darkness versus light. What do you do? How can you get out of this pit? Is it simply thinking happy thoughts or saying happy things? Self-reliance is not the answer. We deplete ourselves by relying only on our own strength.

However, with God all things are possible. You are not a victim of circumstance, great or small. Say a prayer during these times. Your prayer need not be lengthy, but should be heartfelt. God does not require us to hide the way we are feeling, but wants us be transparent before Him. After we pray, we must remember that we are engaged in a relationship requiring two-way communication. Allow God to speak through the Holy Spirit to provide wisdom and strength as you continue moving forward. Take in the Holy Spirit to experience the peace of God. It cannot be explained, but can be felt. No matter how your day may have started, you choose how it progresses.


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