Ashley’s workshops allow for a more intimate conversation on subjects important to her audience. It’s a time for hands-on training and real dialogue. Each workshop is customized for the specific group booked and their needs. 

Invite Ashley to your next meeting or conference to experience a Divine Makeover, to gain an Attitude for Success or to Restore Your Focus!

Divine Makeover
Ideally suited for women in today’s world where we often see a value placed on outward beauty versus inner beauty. Use this course to make what you see in the mirror match God’s plan. What do you see in yourself? Do you hone in on your imperfections and insecurities? Do you tend to focus on your limitations instead of opportunities for growth? In this workshop, you will be challenged to take a look at the image you see in comparison to how you are defined by God. You will learn how to eliminate self-depreciating thinking and behaving to embrace the beautiful you God is creating.


Examine how you perceive yourself in today’s world and learn to embrace the best version of yourself in God’s light.

Focus: Intrinsic Value
Audience: Women, Teens

Attitude for Success
How does your attitude shape your accomplishments? Appreciating the life lessons and celebrating success isn’t the end of your to-do list. You will learn how to assess your attitude and make strategic adjustments to reap favorable outcomes. Learn how to stay positive and realistic about personal and professional goals. Challenge yourself to examine your attitude towards yourself, towards your purpose and towards those you are called to serve. This class will help adjust your outlook on life and see what’s most important in God’s plan.

Focus: Successful Attitude
Audience: Corporate, Professional

Restoring Your Focus

How clear is your vision? Did you realize our vision is shaped most by what we look at on a daily basis? Those things we tend to focus on shape the levels of optimism and pessimism we carry around with us. In this workshop, you will be challenged to examine your vision and to identify barriers to creating the vision you desire. Learn to focus on your strengths, accomplishments and blessings rather than dwell on the past in this workshop. Whether the vision is personal or professional, you will receive the insight and support you need to clarify and continue in your purpose.


Focus: Clarity
Audience: Ministries, Corporations

Excellent and gave me much to think about… The atmosphere was very relaxing and positive!!

Very much satisfied with the presentation. Subject matter was interesting, and the speaker was utmost knowledgeable about the topic.

The quality was exceptional.

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