Our lives are the sum total of what we have experienced.  I have been reading about healing from a wounded spirit. As a burden bearer, one that genuinely empathizes with others, there are some areas of my life that need attention. One is my ability to connect with other people. I really love others, but I am afraid of rejection. For me, it goes back to being teased as a child. I never quite fit in with everyone else. When I did try to fit in and do what everyone else did, I landed a trip to the principal’s office (which happened to be my dad).

When I was being teased, I could feel the biggest lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I just wanted to be accepted by my peers. Now that I am older I recognize these same tendencies as I interact with others in the Body of Christ. It shows itself in fear. I like to control who gets close to me and who to keep at bay. Hurt stings and a part of me doesn’t want that feeling again. I fear rejection because I really am different and have my own unique style. I keep my circle close. I know that my purpose requires me to connect with people on a deeper level, but I do not always know how.

I can be moody and use my temperament to keep others away. I can be distant, and it gives me a false sense of security. Why am I sharing this? We all have invisible wounds, and they affect how we respond to others. Maybe your wound is not rejection. It could be abandonment, judgment, shame or any other injuries. Take some time and really ask, “Why do I respond the way I do?” Maybe it is because there are areas in your childhood that need healing. Maybe the issues are fresher. Whatever the case is, healing has to become a priority.

The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Unhealed wounds are one place the enemy likes to catch us off guard. If he can join us to our pain or cause us to remain hurt over things indefinitely, he will use our wounds to cause us to act out our pain.

When we have been hurt it’s in our nature to hide from further wounding. We often hide outside of the safety of relationships. We are called the Body of Christ for a reason. We need one another. Many of us avoid connecting with the Church because we are afraid of the what ifs. What if no one accepts me? What if no one loves me? We look for a perfect group of people that will never disappoint us. That is humanly impossible. The Church is perfect because Jesus Christ is the head of the Church. His people are a work in progress.

Our pain is not meant to be a final destination. It can actually be used for good. Our story can help others to become whole. I can empathize with your isolation. I’m still learning how to stop running away from the people God brings into my life. However, we must release our pain to God so healing can begin. We need you. You need the Body of Christ too.

Questions for the Week:

  • What hurt(s) do you need to confront?
  • How does the hurt(s) affect your willingness to build relationships?


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