He then told them a parable on the need for them to pray always

and not become discouraged (Luke 18:1, HCSB).


I have always been taught that God loves it when we communicate with Him. There have been times in my life where I enjoy conversations with Him, because God is affirming who I am in Him. I even love times when we are speaking and He reveals the wonderful plans He has for my life. However, as with any conversation, there are chats that I fear. I do not like the moments when God says “no.” Who enjoys hearing a no when you feel that you are obeying God and He shouldn’t withhold anything from you? I am sure you, too, have had those moments. When God says no, I have found myself moping about as if pouting will get God to change His mind. It never works. I have found myself praying more fervently, because (after all) maybe He did not hear my request the first time. It never works. Maybe, I reason, I have done something wrong. I spend time feeling sorry for myself, unnecessarily trying to see if this position will get a more favorable answer from God. It never works.

It used to be very difficult for me to understand why God would say anything to me besides “yes” or “wait.” However, to really understand the heart of God, I had to look at a healthy relationship between father (God) and child (myself). Looking at this type of relationship, I have learned that sometimes God says no because we are not ready for what we are asking. A true father knows what his children can and cannot handle at a specific moment in time. A true father does not give his three year old a new Mercedes, because the child is not old enough to utilize the gift of transportation. At the child’s age maybe an automated, kid friendly, Mercedes would be a better investment. A true father watches his children grow up and when they are able to receive at new levels, the father then gives his children what they are ready for in the correct season. As I think about how my father has helped me grow, he knows what is meant for me now as well as where I need to mature further to appreciate the investment. True parents really do know what they are talking about! Their experience and wisdom is used to yield the best response for our good.

Sometimes God tells us no, because he wants us to mature to appreciate certain blessings. We may feel ready, but our Father knows best.



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