We made it into a new year! New things are exciting and we enjoy the opportunities that come with something being new. With this New Year, I have seen people commit to New Year’s Resolutions (i.e. I will do…). I have seen people eager to get organized and to finally complete the big dreams before them (i.e. I plan to create…). I even see people speaking about this new year with enthusiasm (i.e. This year will be my best year ever because…). Do not get me wrong, there is something powerful about new things and we have a right to be excited about them. What we often miss in anticipating newness is, “What am I supposed to do to maintain this momentum throughout the year?” I have discovered one key strategy that will revolutionize your new year and it’s an amazing one! Would you like to know what I have learned?

Prayer has the ability to change the trajectory of your life and will give you wisdom for all of the new things that will ever come your way. Really, Ashley! Prayer? I already have a certain time to pray and do it frequently I might add. How can that transform my new year? I am glad that you asked. At the end of 2016, I was challenged to spend more time in prayer and to empty my schedule for three days during the week. My thoughts of this challenge—really prayer? I have things to do, I have tasks to complete, and I cannot afford to be delayed! My mind wanted to adhere to a common enemy of our souls, busyness.

Many of us have heard a call to pray and spend more time with God, outside of a 15 minute devotional time. We avoid this task because there is “too much to do.” We feel that our “work” for God is enough to solidify our relationship with God. We have equated our “to do lists,” “services, “and “volunteer efforts” as spending time with God. It is something good, but it does not replace the time we spend in prayer with Him. During my time in prayer, I learned God had so much to share with me. He wanted to remind me of His love for me. He wanted to share with me ways I could grow, with the actions steps to do the work. He even shared with me the great plans He has for my future and this year.

I could have missed the richness of conversing with God if I had responded to the voice of busyness. Please do not misunderstand me, I am excited for the good things God has in store for you. I just do not want to see you miss the value in spending more time in prayer. Your first place of productivity and progress this year will be in prayer. When you seek God’s heart first, you will receive everything you need to have a prosperous new year. Do not delay! Set an appointment with God each day and ask Him for what He desires you to do. Transform your new year through prayer and valuable time with God.

Do you desire to spend more time in prayer?

I want you to experience the same freedom I learned through my sabbatical. Today, I will gift the first three readers with a complimentary entry into my seven-day prayer challenge: Your Greatest Conversations with God. To be eligible, all you need to do is leave a comment addressing the following question: “How did this article challenge me to prayer in the New Year?”



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