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Move in Sync with God’s Timing

Christian Inspirational Speaker Ashley Sauls

“I really enjoyed it. It gave me a different perspective on things that I already knew. It gave me a better way to apply things.”

Workshop Attendee

Spiritual Dancing Christian Speaker Ashley Sauls

“Very impressive. Thought rendering, exercise efforts to accomplish His Mission.”

Workshop Attendee

If you are looking for me in yesterday, I’ve relocated to the present. Meet me there.

Sample Speaking Topics Customized for Your Audience

Maximize Your Morning
From Weeping to Joy
Writing an Extraordinary Story

Sample Workshop Themes Customized for Your Audience

Divine Makeover
Attitude for Success
Restoring Your Focus

Meet Ashley Sauls

Transformation Must Begin In The Mind

Ashley Sauls is an author and professional speaker adept in using her words to inspire people toward successful living. Focused on incorporating a healthy balance between the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of life, Ashley’s down to earth delivery makes difficult concepts less stressful to grasp for her audience. In 2013, Ashley began hosting a broadcast on Christ Family Network called Your Kingdom Mind where she helps her listening audience move from condemned thinking to Kingdom Thinking. Each week, listeners tune in for a dose of Ashley’s encouragement to move in sync with God’s timing. Click here to learn more.

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Divine Makeover
Attitude for Success
Restoring Your Focus

Morning Motivation


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