Have you experienced a guilty feeling when you want to take a break, but do not? Do you justify these feelings by saying things such as, “If I do not get it done, it will not be done at all.” Maybe you have responded to this way of thinking by sacrificing sleep and personal time so that “work” can be done. Do you find yourself irritable, frustrated, withdrawn or overwhelmed? These feelings should not be ignored and might signal you are being challenged in the area of worry.

When we have been called to fulfill Godly purpose the enemies of distraction and heaviness love to wage war on our thought life. Anxious thoughts begin to focus our attention on how we can handle the situation versus how God can lead us through the matter. Proverbs 3:5-6 encourages us to trust in the Lord with our whole heart, avoiding council with our own intellect. When we begin to deliberate without God, we are trying to become our own savior. We are seeking to become our own source and our own deliverer. As we cannot overcome with-out God’s guidance, our plans are soon frustrated.

We were not designed to live life on the fast track to the point we neglect our mental, physical, emotional or spiritual health. We need balance, so we must ask God for help to live a life that is fulfilling in all aspects. It is very simple to find rest if we are willing to submit to His strategic plan. Do you want to know what it is?

Matthew 11:28-30 provides the steps:

  • Be Willing to Come to Him-Admit that you cannot complete the task on your own and that you need His guidance.
  • Take His Yolk Upon You– By taking on His yoke, He ensures that what you must bear will lead to your productivity (growth), not your demise.
  • Learn from Him– Allow Him to teach you how to rest in Him. Finding His rest means that we cease from taking on the burden alone. We learn how to trust Him to not only bear the weight, but to bring us to a place of growth in the midst of it.


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