There is something about new things that we find appealing. Some find joy in new opportunities, new friendships, or other new things. After a while, it we do not take the proper care of new things, we quickly become bored and cast them into a pile of things that no longer bring us satisfaction after the newness has diminished. As people are preparing for the holiday season, talk of the New Year has already surfaced. Some people are actively preparing their New Year’s resolutions with improvements they plan to make in anticipation of the New Year. However, how many of our resolutions do we actively pursue? Do we have any actions behind our planning for new things? If we do not move forward from simply making plans that sound amazing, we must ask if we are really ready for “new.”

I want to challenge you to think differently about this New Year and to assess how you have been a steward over your present opportunities, present relationships, and present resources. Have you been using the tools that God has already given you this year? Or did you find yourself chasing after the next shiny object that was the next “new” thing to do? What current resources have you been given that you have not utilized to their full capacity? What do you need to move forward with the opportunities before you today?

I have been guilty of wanting new plans, new ideas, and new opportunities without maximizing the resources that I have. It is easy to do if we focus on what every other person is doing. We have called this approach “Keeping Up with the Joneses,” but we cannot keep up by mimicking other people or their resolutions. God is challenging us to keep up with Him and to realize that what He gives us is sufficient for what He wants to do through us. As we utilize what He has already given us, it is His pleasure to give us what we need next.

Take time to reflect on your use of what God has already given you. I would encourage you to write these resources down, because sometimes we forget what we have. Ask God how you can use each resource to its greatest potential today.   Ask God how each resource will help you as you move forward into the New Year. God is strategic and He loves to provide us with His perspective, because He loves us!

Understand that there is nothing wrong with new things; we just need to understand how to use what we have been given first. We can learn how to be better stewards over new things when we can be faithful to what we already have. Do you need new things or do you need to learn to value what God has already provided you?

Are You Really Ready For "New"?

Question of the Week:

What has God given you that you are not using? What are your plans for using what He has already given you? Please feel free to share your comments below.

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