I love Dr. Tony Robinson and thank God for a conversation she had with me recently. She asked me a question I never thought about “What are you meant to ignite?” I am someone who becomes concerned about everything.  With this concern comes the need to fix things. Fix this relationship. Settle this score. Defend the seemingly helpless. God did create me to be concerned, but He did not ask me to do His job.

In my need to rescue everyone, I was attended to many small fires. I felt it my duty to address each one, but I had no energy for things I was actually meant to focus on.

As she shared this wisdom, it opened my eyes to truth. It reminded me that as a believer I am an igniter. God has a unique plan for my life, but I will miss it if I am focused on the little fires around me. Even fire fighters need reprieve!

I ask you the same question. Ponder before you respond. Are you fanning the right flame? Or are you allowing the little fires to distract you from your assignment?

  • Some of us are so concerned with who is in office. We rant, rave and post our hearts out. Are you pursuing the right flame? Or are we just distracted by the fire of injustice?


  • Some of us are concerned with who likes or dislikes us. Tension can mature us, but we rather grumble. Are we supposed to pursue people pleasing? Or are we focused on the wrong fire?

Whatever has your attention will also affect your actions and your steps. You cannot afford to march to every beat nor pursue every path. As the Church, we cannot be moved by everything we see. Could it be a small fire that we have made greater than it is? If it is truly a flame we should attend to are we in a position to do something constructive about it? Satan loves to use distraction. If he can get our eyes off of God and onto ourselves, he wins. When we are moved, we will never take ground for the Kingdom of God. Lives will remain lost because those we are meant to help are being consumed by the world. We must be mindful of what we give attention to.

We should not be alarmed by what we see because we were born for this time. Not to serve as commentators of the visible (i.e. The world is in turmoil)  In fact, we have been equipped as vessels God can use to bring about reformation in the land. It requires humility and attending to the right flame.

Paul reminded Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:7 to “fan into spiritual flames the gift God gave you.” As an apostle, Paul knew the weight of ministry and the temptation to get detoured by so many things to do. He reminded Timothy to develop what he was given and to go forward.

A quote that we like to use is, “If it is to be it is up to me.” Right and wrong. Right that we each have a “flame” that God expects us to use to ignite others for His glory. Wrong because God did not call us to be saviors. When we focus on what we are called to do, we will not burn out by doing everything we are not.

As Dr. Tony shared with me I in turn share with you: Attend to the right flame and allow God to use you as a catalyst to accomplish God’s purposes in you.

Questions of the Week:

  1. Are you fanning the right “flame” as a believer?
  2. What cause does God want you to focus on?
  3. What distractions do you need to be mindful of? How has it hindered you from moving forward?

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