Sometimes hope appears to be an elusive term. How can we find hope in the darkness? How can we find strength to endure? Without the details, simply know I understand. I have asked similar questions, cried out to God, and even battled with thoughts of, “Will this ever get any better?” When these moments happen, we should never be afraid to reach out. God cares about what we are experiencing and has a plan in the midst of turbulent times. God is always present, but he also uses others to keep us encouraged. For me, He sent a great encourager named Monica that always reminds me, “We are never without hope, because we are never without God.” This phrase has helped me to walk through many rocky seasons in life. I hope this wisdom will encourage you as well.

We grapple with daily challenges, because it is hard for our minds to synthesize what is before us. The challenge itself is painful and the more we try to escape it seems to intensify. In the heat of these moments we are challenged by the voice of fear and/or disappointment. Fear will focus on what could go wrong or what is about to go wrong next. It’s fear that keeps people at odds with one another. It is fear that keeps people isolated and hopeless. It recycles memories of what happens when things do not happen the way we intend. Fear always asks, “What if…” In contrast, disappointment focuses on a series of perceived “failures” experienced in life. Disappointment happens when our expectations are unmet and we lament over our losses. Disappointments happen, but they should not define our outlook. Why? We are never without hope, because we are never without God.

I am not sure what you have faced this week. I am not sure what you have experienced this year. Do not allow fear to distort your view of life. God didn’t give us life to be too afraid to enjoy it. Even in the face of adversity, we can enjoy our lives. Do not allow disappointments to paint a picture of what life will always be. Instead, look at your disappointments as preparing you to win with more precision the next time. As long as we live, keep in mind the wisdom from my friend Monica: We are never without hope, because we are never without God.

We Are Never Without Hope

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