Have you ever wondered how to pray when life is noisy? Early on in my prayer journey, I felt that prayer could only take place in quiet environments. I felt that if I went to the same room in my home daily and committed to a time of prayer that I would be uninterrupted. Boy was I wrong! One, our day does not always go according to our perfect schedules. Two, Satan hates when we spend time with God and he loves to prevent us from praying by getting us to focus on the noise of our daily lives.

Here is a brief list of the noise I have encountered when I commit to prayer:

  • An unexpected call from the office that “happens to be” at the time I am scheduled to pray before working, so I will not be interrupted.
  • Receiving “unexpected” phone calls or e-mail messages concerning friends and family during the times I commit to praying.
  • Feeling a sudden, unexplainable drowsiness when it is time to pray.
  • Focusing on the cares of daily life and being consumed by my thoughts. Again, at times I’ve decided to pray.
  • Feeling frustrated at unanswered prayers and all of a sudden “feeling” the need to stop praying.

None of the above reasons scream, “Skip prayer today! God will understand.” Instead it is a signal for me to get closer to God and become more determined to spend time with Him in prayer. Someone once asked me, “Why do you only suggest praying in a quiet place?” I simply heard everyone suggest that it is something you should do.

I never considered the following scenarios:

  • The mother with children that might only have a 5 minute window of silence.
  • The business executive with a long commute that cannot sit at home to pray.
  • The leader that might not have the luxury of a quiet space during the day.

Will God reject their prayers if they do not meet with Him in a special place in their homes? Not at all!

Then, I learned that in order to create an effect prayer environment, it is important to do two things:

  • Make sure God is the focus of prayer.
  • Come ready to communicate with God (willing to listen first and speak as necessary).

This is great news for you! No matter the dynamics that you are presented with during the day, you can always pray. Think of your time in prayer as a lunch date. What happens if on the day you schedule a lunch date the owner of your favorite restaurant invites a local band. The noisiest one at that! Will you tell your friends that you have to reschedule with them when things are “less noisy?” No, you keep your appointment with them and simply get closer so you can hear what they are saying.

Life will never become perfectly quiet. You must learn how to navigate through noisy environments to pray. God is not distracted by noisiness and He doesn’t want us to speak with Him only when things are “perfect.” We too can commune with Him no matter what each day looks like and simply come in closer to hear what He has to say. Will you make a decision to pray regardless of the distractions that attempt to hinder your times in prayer?

How to Navigate Noisy Environments to Pray

Question of the Day:

Have you ever felt you could not pray due to the noisiness of life? Did you keep your appointment to pray or did you avoid it altogether?

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