I love Jesus, I do not like boats, and I enjoy being rescued (for a cause). One time when I was riding in a boat, I became seriously sea sick. Thankfully, my teacher had plenty of saltine crackers and Sprite on board. It is a great feeling when you can get something to give you relief. However, this past week I experienced a different type of storm. Quick fixes do not work in the rough waters of life. When I was faced with a series of storms, I felt uneasy and beyond the point of panic. I found myself asking God, “Hey, where have you been all week! Do you care?”

During the week, I received a scripture text from Matthew 8:26, which shared how Jesus’s response to the storm was “Peace be still.” I thought this was humorous, to a point. Then I thought, “Now God it’s my turn in the boat. It is different! It is me!”

Before facing the storms in life, I would try to find tangible solutions most anyone could use themselves. I would assume that anyone who was facing a difficult moment should just love God more, trust God more, and then instantaneously the wind would stop blowing. All would be perfect.

For anyone who needs to graduate from assumptions (as I did), let me share some truths I know:

  • I know that God loves me.
  • I know that God is with me.
  • I know that God’s intentions for my life are good.

In our desire to give quick answers, we try to find a reason “why” certain things might be happening. There are those storms that have nothing to do with us or what we have done. It is just a storm.

In the midst of the moment, I found myself as the disciples. At one point, I agreed with the disciple’s question “Do you care if we perish?” However, Jesus does not get in a hurry to remove us from the storm. He also doesn’t move when “we” want, because we tend to credit ourselves with the solution. (No judgement here, but you know this is true). Even when we do not “see” God moving, He is moving.

It is hard to see what He is doing because:

  • We want the storm to stop. Today would be nice!
  • We want the sound of the rain and water to end.
  • We want our boat to stop moving. The rocking is too much!

God can be trusted, but He has a role for us to play. Our role is to trust Him. Yes, we must trust Him even when it “feels” like things will not improve. Even though the disciples were uncomfortable, Jesus was building resilient disciples that would testify, “God’s hand rescued us! We saw Jesus ask for peace and God answered His Son.” We can do the same thing by asking for peace. Jesus intercedes on our behalf, even when our words are jumbled. God still answers His Son.

Where do you need to see peace?

  • Do you need to see peace in your family?
  • Do you need to have peace in your life?
  • Do you need peace in the middle of a challenging time?

His peace is available to you. Remember, the waves are no match for God. The boat is not too shaky for God to intervene, in His time. Ask for His peace and then expect it. When Jesus is in the boat, you are in good hands.

Peace Be Still

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