Last week, I shared a major goal with the accountability group I am a part of. I had a few nights of feeling great enthusiasm, productivity, goal setting and then I felt tired. Done. Could it be something that I ate? Could it be that I need to increase my exercise? Or was it that I am experiencing a case of sleepiness?

Fatigue tries to occur before some of my most significant encounters with God. A new book is coming out. Sleepy. Leaving the house to enjoy family or friends. Sleepy. There is someone who needs my help and a conversation. Sleepy. All fatigue is not medically induced. Sometimes it is a weapon the enemy will try to use to get us to be passive when we need to be forging forward.

This experience caused me to think about a biblical character who dealt with sleepiness, Eutychus. According to the Strong’s Lexicon, his name means “fortunate.” His name proceeded the incident that would make him memorable. Review Acts 20:9. One of my questions was, “What caused him to fall asleep?” The scripture says that Paul did have a windy discourse, but Eutychus came to the meeting. This comment is an aside, but when we meet someone who might be long-winded, we all know. So, there had to be a reason he attended in spite of it being a long meeting. Could it be that the message he needed to hear or the impact he needed to make was trying to be snuffed out by fatigue?

Scheduled rest is beneficial. We cannot stay up for the rest of our lives. Unexpected fatigue is something we have to look into, especially when there isn’t a cause behind it. This sleepiness has expanded into the body of Christ. In sharing this message, I encountered other believers facing the issue of sleepiness. Believers with a message to share and an impact to make who are exhausted. Believers who can transform the climate for God. So, it lets me know this fatigue is strategic. Could it be that our alertness could bring God’s love and clarity to the areas of our society that are damaged?

Eutychus fell out the window. It was a minor distraction from Paul’s message. Or was it? Paul stopped speaking, but he put faith into action. He embraced this young man to life. I love how the Message Translation words the ending: “…Paul going one way, the congregation another, leading the boy off alive, and full of life themselves” (Acts 20:12). On the other side of sleepiness, there is life! On the other end of staying committed to Christ, there is victory. If you find yourself in a place of sleepiness, recognize it for what it truly is. It could be a strategy to distract you from the plan you are called to fulfill. Being fully awake means you are “alert,” “aware,” and “alive.” I pray that the battle-weary who read this post will arise with godly fervency. Has this helped you to understand the sleepiness?

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