Do you ever wonder if God is in charge? Have you found yourself questioning God’s control in your everyday life? It is very easy to say that we believe God when everything works “perfectly.” It is a little more challenging when life is full of interesting twists and turns.

As I thought about this question in my own life, I was reminded of a moment when things felt out of control. I took the roller coaster trip of a lifetime and it taught me something valuable that I want to share with you. When I was a tween, I decided to ride the dragon roller coaster at the county fair. I was enjoying the ride as long as the roller coaster was “predictable.” However, the roller coaster was designed to go backwards as well! When the roller coaster changed directions, I screamed at the top of my lungs, “Let me out of this thing!”

The roller coaster attendant (and everyone else riding the dragon) were annoyed by my excessive screaming (It was bad guys!). From what I was told, the attendant told my parents, “Do not let her get on this ride again!” I remember the dragon, but I do not know why I panicked. The roller coaster attendant made sure all of the riders were in their safety harnesses and was making sure that the roller coaster stayed on the tracks. I now wonder how much more enjoyable the ride would have been if I simply relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

Before you laugh too hard at my story (it is laughable isn’t it) how many times have you missed the joy of the journey (or ride) with God? How many times have you responded, “God let me out of my journey! Things are going in directions I never expected!”

Many times we believe the most secure place to be in our journey with God is in the safety of staying in the boat. God wants us to learn total confidence in him and to take a bold step as Peter did to walk on water. God is in control and all he needs us to do is to keep our eyes on him and take a step as he leads us. Remember God is in charge! As Jesus encouraged Peter in walking on water, I encourage you: Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid (Matthew 14:27).

God is in charge whether our journey is smooth or whether it seems unpredictable. Make a decision each day to pursue the journey God has before you and rest knowing that God knows what he is doing. You are secure in his care and he is watching over you. You will be just fine!

Question of the Week:

Have you ever had a moment when you wondered if God was in charge? How did you respond to this question in your daily life? How have you learned to trust that God is in charge in your daily life? If this might be an area of challenge, how do you want to learn how to trust God more?

Make sure to your share your questions, comments or lessons learned from this week’s blog.

Hang On: God is in Charge



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