If it never rained, nothing would grow-   Oprah Winfrey

Have you heard the following saying, “April showers bring May flowers?”  If you have, you probably were not aware of a gentleman who first inspired this phrase.  Thomas Tusser wrote a collection entitled A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry.  Utilizing his finesse for words and passion for farming, he captured the optimum time for a flower’s growth.  He said, “Sweet April showers do spring May flowers.” This added attention to the sweetness of the rain producing new life is key. Have you embraced this same, refreshing perspective of rainy seasons?

April is known for consistent rain and increased temperatures. The rain is needed to provide refreshing water to blooming flowers, which thrive in rain. The increasing heat of April is a welcome change from the frigidity of the winter months.  Yet, we usually look in disdain at both conditions. We usually despise the rain, because it interrupts our plans.  Unbearable heat causes us to be more aware of our environment, causing things to stick to us in discomfort. Yet, what we despise is meant for our good.  Pause. Take a moment to reflect.  How have you seen the rainy, sizzling seasons in your journey? Did you know these wearisome seasons would prepare you for growth, for learning, and for the correct conditions to thrive?

You may have experienced some challenges this month.  It might have felt as though conditions in your life would never improve.  You might have felt like you would succumb to the rain.  You might even have felt like the heat would never cease.  In spite of it all, despite of what your senses said, you have grown stronger and more resilient. Just like the beautiful flowers we love to admire.

As you prepare for newness, take a few moments to reflect on your journey:

  1. How have you grown in this new season?
  2. How have you been nourished by the rain and heat of life?
  3. How have you grown heartier and more resilient?

Then, take your reflection a step further.  Embrace the following wisdom to continue growing.

  1. Instead of being bitter about the rain, thank God for the spring.
  2. Forgive yourself and forgive others, so you do not allow weeds to stifle your growth (if necessary).
  3. Celebrate that you have been equipped to enjoy the newness.
  4. Remember, the rain and the heat pruned you for greater character and greater humility. As you witness others blooming, be open to share lessons that will cause them to blossom alongside you.

May you blossom as you have never blossomed before and enjoy a prosperous and amazing new season.


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