Sunday morning is like the super bowl. The major players are in position and the crowd is ecstatic. Those who are not as enthusiastic as others still attend. If you are feeling down, there are cheerleaders to inspire you. If you feel defeated, there are coaches to remind you of the game plan. After a great service, nothing can bring you down. If only it could be Sunday every day.

Monday comes. You do not have cheerleaders to tell you to keep going. You do not have a worship team to serenade you. You may not be able to find many “fans.” They are dealing with their own Monday. Life is not always pom-poms and wins.

We forget God is a part of the magnificent and mundane parts of life. God is not hidden in the pages of the Bible. He is real. He is active. He wants us to experience true life. I have recognized God in a sermon only to miss Him in every day moments. Maybe you have too. Since we do not recognize Him, we find it hard to explain His relevance to others. People need to see us embrace God during the week. People who have never met God or who have turned from Him look before they listen to our message.

How do we respond in crisis? Do we reach out to God? Or do we say, “Why me! Christians do not deserve to hurt.” Could it be that the crisis is a platform for someone else to see that God can help them in a dark night of the soul?

How do we respond to deferred hope? Do we reach out for Godly advice? Or do we find a vice to appease our hopelessness? Could it be someone wants a solution that will last? Can they look at our example?

Someone needs to hear your story. How did God help you in a tough time? How does God encourage you when you feel you are not a great parent? How does He help you to balance your roles in and outside of the home? Is God present in the challenges you face? We bear this burden of proof as believers. Is there enough evidence to convict us as His disciples?

It is wonderful to sing about God on Sundays.

It is great to hear inspiring sermons about His works.

What people need to see is God working through our lives. This way when Monday comes they know God applies to the rest of their week too.

Today’s Questions:

Are you more enthusiastic about being a believer on Sunday versus Monday?

How can you trust God more during the week?

How can your example inspire those struggling with their beliefs?

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