For the past month, I have been learning to endure in personal fitness. A long time ago, I made exercise a priority twice a day. I would complete 15 to 20 minutes of cardio and finish the workout with weight training. Needless to say, life happened. The vigor I used to enjoy while working out was absent. I became satisfied with my own goal to walk to and from the mailbox. During my fitness hiatus, I battled with some internal conversations. I would hear, “There is no purpose in exercising, just stay comfortable where you are.” Or I might hear, “You have faced some intense pain moments. Do not wake up to exercise, just stay asleep.” My favorite one was, “Why exercise now? You haven’t worked out in three years!”

When I did make a decision to resume exercising, I faced some initial challenges in getting started.   Jogging in place was difficult for me. Jumping Jacks was difficult for me. Even walking became laborious and I simply wanted to seek refuge on my couch. One step at a time and with Godly encouragement, I have been able to resume my fitness goals. Now, I am feeling great! I know that every challenge I face is a lesson that can help someone else. Are you ready for the lesson? As leaders, we are great spokesmen for encouraging endurance. However, I do not believe we know what the word means. According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, endurance means “To withstand hardship or adversity.” I have had to withstand some challenges from all angles. In the intensity of the moment, I have wanted to quit, crawl in a corner, or never try again. However, one step at a time I had to make a decision to endure. Can you relate?

I encourage you to find hope from my fitness example. Make a decision to endure and make a choice to move one step at a time. To successfully endure, learn to trust in God’s strength. His strength is perfect when we come to the end of ourselves.

Have a pressing deadline coming up? Not sure how you will be able to succeed? Ask God for the strength to endure.

Facing life challenges and you are tempted to give up? Ask God for the strength to endure.

Feeling like you have failed as a leader? Ask God for the strength to endure.

Today and in days to come, make it a priority to take on faithful step with God in an area where you need to endure. Simply ask for His guidance and follow His instructions. With each step taken in Him, you are assured victory. Soon you will build up the momentum to continue to endure, no matter the challenge before you. You can do this!

Question: What is one area you need to endure in this week? Make a commitment to take one step in this area with God’s guidance.




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