Where is God when life is rocky?

  • You pray for someone who is hurting and their actions worsen.
  • You pray for a lost friend or family member. They abandon the faith.
  • You pray for someone to get healed and their condition declines.
  • You are committed to pursuing a dream, and it shatters.

Although each of these moments is different in their intensity, the response can be the same.

  • Emotionally you may be crushed.
  • Physically you may be tired.
  • Inwardly you might be asking God why.

We can draw strength from Mark 4:37-41. A storm arose, and the disciples were naturally afraid. They asked the question we wonder in the storm, “Don’t you care that we perish?” It can feel like one more wave will wipe us out. At these times it seems that God is not present and we are alone. Then a firm and confident voice says, “Peace Be Still.” This reassuring voice is our Savior who is not asleep as we suppose. Even in the storm, he knows where we are. He is with us. He stays with us in the uncertainty.

Have you ever struggled with navigating life’s storms? If so, you are not alone. A better question is, “Do you know how to get through the storms?”    Most of our Sunday morning messages are glamorized by “perfect” scenarios. Almost like the American Dream of a house, two kids, and a beautiful picket fence (or at least a nice surround sound theater system).

We expect God to perform based on our plans. We hold on to our image of the good life. We even disciple people based on this skewed dream. When people leave our services, they do not know how to stay afloat. We do not offer them support or let them know that challenging things happen to righteous people. So they leave the faith broken because we never told them. We do not encourage them to hold fast to Jesus but to experiences of euphoria.

If the disciples could be challenged and even Jesus tested we are no exception.

The Bible never promises a problem free life either. John 16: 33 says, “…In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I’ve conquered the world.” (MSG)

Overcoming doesn’t mean we will not face problems. It means because God is with us, we can keep going. It also means we do not have to feel shame that our lives have been less than picturesque. We can share how God remained with us in the midst of it all. This will help others know that God is capable of handling their storms too.

How can we offer support to those who are hurting? Sometimes it might be allowing a person to share about their particular storms. It could also be sharing our experiences and letting others know that God brought us through our own rough patches. By being present, we help people to know that God does care for them.

Questions of the Day

  • Have you faced an unbearable storm?
  • Did God reveal himself to you in the storm?
  • How can your story encourage someone who is struggling with their faith?

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