My Experience with Endurance:  Endurance is challenging, especially when you are faced with adversity. Your natural reaction is to quit or to hide, but instead God wants us to stand. Standing is an act of faith and a struggle of the will. We are encouraged in Scripture to stand and see the salvation of the Lord. As exciting as this Scripture might be, in the middle of life’s moments, this is the last thing you want to do. It’s okay to be honest!

As I have looked at my own experiences this year, I realize there is a cost for standing. Honestly if I knew the price beforehand, I probably would not stand. In these tough moments, I have wanted to blend into a nonexistent existence, until “things” returned back to normal. Can you relate to this yourself? However, it is when our knees are weakest, our emotions ruffled, our eyes teary, and our voice quivering that God lovingly beckons us to keep standing.

Standing is a symbol of honor. We are often asked to stand to express respect, such as in a wedding ceremony. We are asked to stand in honor of the bride, who is walking into a new season of life. We wait to catch a glimpse of the bride, to breathe in the beauty of the moment. You might ask, “How does this example give me the wisdom to overcome in adversity? Weddings are exciting, but life isn’t as celebratory!” If we sit in adversity, we miss the beauty of how God uses the struggle to display His goodness. We miss how He overshadows us with His strength and how He is a promise keeper. He promises in Scripture never to leave nor forsake us and He never will abandon us. He demonstrates His faithfulness day by day.

When we stand, it does not mean we have it “all together.” It doesn’t mean that we live in a bubble wrapped world. When we stand, it doesn’t mean we should wait until the “challenge” before us dissipates. We can stand in adversity by making a decision to trust God moment by moment. In our feeling of brokenness, we can run to the security of His presence.

You might be experiencing a difficult moment or a series of difficulties. I understand the experience myself. However, I want to remind you of the hope available to you.  Remember, challenging moments in life never define who you are, they are only “moments.” As you surrender yourself to God, even in the hard times, you will begin to resemble Him. His strength will be made perfect in your weakness! In turn, you will be able to mentor others through the process of endurance. No moment is ever wasted, even in adversity.

Does This Speak to Where You Are?

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