“Do You See What I See” is a song that played during the holiday season. I never took time to look at the lyrics, but it was an amazing reminder that each level of creation could see something in Jesus’ life that is celebratory. If we are too busy following our normal routine or in our worlds, it is easy to miss lessons God provides to us daily. During this season I am challenging you to “see again.” Are you seeing the blessings God provides to you? Are you able to see His goodness throughout your life? Do you see what I see?

This weekend I had the opportunity to see something I had never seen before. It was time for me to change our welcome mat, so I decided to move the current mat to the back door. I didn’t think anything of it. Sunday morning, two kittens were sitting on our welcome mat. Who would have thought making a simple change would mean anything? These kittens felt at home and were unbothered by the cold and rain outside. They found peace and rested without knowing the details of what they would eat, where they would sleep, or what the next second would bring. As I am thinking about this image, even more, it is helping me to see from a fresh perspective.

The birth of Jesus didn’t assure us of a life void of challenge (as some thought). His birth meant so much more. His birth symbolizes welcoming those who would accept Him. He beckons us to find shelter in a relationship with Him. He assures us that His life gives us hope for the future. No matter our storms we can remain confident that He will never leave us nor forsake us. He reminds us that He is still the Savior we have been searching for and wise men and shepherds pursued.

He is our Savior that provides safety from the elements of the world.

The holiday season can be a challenging time for us to focus on what truly matters. I love time with family. I even love giving gifts, but the holidays are usually about us. Let’s be honest. Messages of Jesus are reserved for a single service before we hurriedly return home to open our gifts and to focus on our meal preparation. I am going to challenge each of you to see! The birth of Jesus provided us with life! So we can enjoy the gift of family and friends. So we can have hope beyond our earthly existence and relationship with Him guarantees a Heavenly home.

May we take moments to see what His birth signifies in our lives and share this gift with others. Let’s not forget there are still those who do not know that Jesus came for them. They think He came for the deserving or the perfect. They even may feel He is like earthly leaders who only welcome those that are deemed worthy. This is where we, the church, can invite others to see. His birth was for them too!

This week, ask the following questions:

How will you choose to see this holiday season?

How can you share His birth to invite others to see?

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