Have you introduced someone you did not know? Typically, we fumble across the details of their lives and end with a sheepish grin (we are programmed to save face). We can only introduce who we know and what we know about them. We would be more comfortable if we stuck with sharing what we’ve learned about the person, even if in a brief moment.

When we introduce God to people, how comfortable are we with sharing? Do we have a personal relationship with God to share about Him? Many of us have been raised to know we need God. We have forgotten why we began a relationship with Him. When we are tasked with evangelism, we stumble across the facts about God. We try to come up with the most convincing things to say about Him. We fumble as we try to make our words make sense. Could it be that we are trying to introduce a Savior we do not know?

Evangelism is not something we do to save face as believers. It is our very lifeline, so much so God gives an action-driven reminder: Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15). Go is not a friendly suggestion, it is a command.

We tend to go without engaging with God one-on one. The work must begin in us first. When we met God, we could not get enough of Him. We loved spending time with Him. We loved getting to know Him. Somewhere we have gotten so busy doing the work of God that we have missed Him. It is time we return to our first love and fall in love with Him again.

Has your relationship with God gotten routine? It is a little stale and needs freshening? Here are a few simple ways you can cultivate your relationship with God:

  • Spend time in Prayer
    • What do your prayers sound like? Are they a laundry list of things you want God to do? Prayer is communicating with God. Someone speaks and then someone listens. Just as important as it is for us to share what is on our hearts, God wants to share His too.
  • Ask God what is important to Him. Ask what is on His heart. Then spend time listening to what God is saying. You may want to keep a journal or notepad at hand. If you are not used to listening or too busy, then you and God have a lot of catching up to do. Enjoy just hearing what He wants to share with you.


  • Revisit Your Why
    • Why do you believe in God? How has He changed your life? We are very good with giving Biblical clichés, but bad at explaining our why. Some of us believe in God because the “church life” is all we know. A family member or someone else may have led you to Christ, but you have developed your own testimony. It’s time for you to explore it and know it. What has God allowed you to overcome? That is personal and is something that can rekindle your relationship with God.
  • Spend time reflecting on why you decided to choose God. Was there a defining moment that helped you to trust Him? How has He helped you in your life? How has he helped you to navigate difficult times? Your why will bless others. People do not need the sugar-coated version of God’s goodness. They need to know He loves them in good moments and in hard places. His love is unfailing and constant.

Being able to introduce God comfortably begins with your personal relationship with Him. No matter how much we have grown, we can always grow in our love for Him. As an extension of our love for Him, we are able to love others. We are able to present a real Savior who came to seek and save the lost.

How will you cultivate your relationship with God this week?

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