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Book Signing: Morning Devotional Awakes The Godly Mind

Ashley Sauls is an author of a newly published devotional, “Morning Motivation,” which focuses on empowering readers to daily embrace a healthy mindset with God’s guidance. She has a passion for helping people cultivate and maintain healthy spiritual, physical and mental lives that brim over with faith and right focus. So much more than an author, Sauls’ God-themed messages comes through in the many prongs of her holistic approach to service through books and other divinely provided means. Meeting God in the mornings and faithfully keeping those appointments is what she’s all about.

She is hosting a formal book signing and meet the author event on April 12, 2014 at Day Star Christian Bookstore at 204 W. Alamo Street in Brenham from 1:00pm-3:00pm.

In the volume, she shares that the thoughts that people give attention to at the beginning of the day set the tone for the rest of the day. She wants that tone to be saturated with the flavor of God’s presence and the aroma of His power and love. As she details it, one doesn’t have to pivot and adjust themselves during a day that they have surrended to God.

The revealed wisdom of this 31-day devotional empowers readers to establish the right foundation to face everyday challenges armed with the right perspective. It’s been said that it should be an arsenal in the toolbox of believers who have less than perfect days awaiting them when they awake in the morning.

“Morning Motivation” provides a launching pad for each day, whatever it may bring. It contains carefully prepared content that help its readers think in line with God and move in sync with God’s timing. Readers are reminded where their strength and help comes from through this strategically arranged book of hope.

Sauls is a certified teacher, motivational speaker, worship artist, author, broadcaster and more. Her own devotion to God and the spouse and others He’s put in her life attest to her credentials to offer such a transformational devotional to a thirsty, awaiting audience. Her radio broadcasts on Christ Family Radio’s Your Kingdom Mind showcase God’s footprints and divine hand.

Even her twitter tweets provide messages of encouragement and hope. Her words carry the essence of the Barnabas spirit, which brings hope and renewal through an encouraging attitude and graceful words. They are flavored by the spirit of kindness that is sometimes lacking in a world that often forgets God or puts Him on hold to accomplish their “other” objectives.

The message of her book is that one should begin with God, starting off each day with Him at the forefront so He can order steps and share His divine presence, come what may. Healing for one’s thought life is available through this accessible book.
Readers who know that so much of life is out of their control will be reminded that their devotional time is shielded and protected when they set it up that way by seeking God, His kingdom and righteousness above all and before all.

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