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Healthy Values are Important to God

Church, we have a problem! We are experiencing a crisis of epic proportions, and it centers around our values. Do we know what is important to us and prioritize those needs in our daily lives? I cringe when I log into social media and see a leader, obviously worn, do another event. I hurt when I hear leaders say the magnitude of work they have to do, while they continue to take on additional responsibilities they don’t have time for.

Are You Just Busy or Intentional?

Are you being intentional or busy today? This is a question many of us know we should ask from time to time, but we avoid it.

Being intentional means there is a “why” behind doing something.

We choose healthy food options because we want to take good care of our bodies.
We schedule our appointments because we want to avoid burnout.
We say no because we must be aware of how we are managing our time.

When You Embrace Stirring, But You Are Not Shaken

I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences with you and what I’ve learned from my love of tea. There’s a final process that has shaped who I am as a person: the stirring process. Once you’ve found your favorite tea, allowing it to steep, then the stirring process seals the deal. This is the point where we create a refreshing flavor that is soothing to the soul. This is also the part of the process that I’ve found myself in presently.

How to Endure While You Are Being Steeped

This week I want to discuss a new process I’ve learned observing tea. I hope you’re ready! When we think of our lives, we think about the end goal. We are preoccupied with the destination, and we tend to skip discussing the journey.

Learning How to Embrace My Unique “Flavor”

My life is filled with flavor, but I’ve been hiding what it is. Why? I’ve feared what other people thought about my evolving process. I haven’t wanted to be seen as too strong, too weak, too bland, or even too bold.

Do You Want Powerful or Powerless Relationships?

Bringing in the New Year in the dark isn’t fun. January 2018, our neighborhood power shut off and we’d invited guests to celebrate the New Year with us. There isn’t much you can do without electricity, because everything we use depends on it. We ended up calling the...

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