Minister Ashley Sauls examines the current status of the Church and its mission

Austin, Texas – Directly confronting the walls of the church, Minister Ashley Sauls takes an internal and personal look into the role and practice of ministry as defined by the scripture. At its’ core is the question she asks herself and the question she poses to fellow ministry leaders: Are we saving souls?

Beyond The Building: The War Within, available June 21, 2017, is the first book in a series dedicated to examining the current status of the Church and its mission. Targeted to ministry leaders, The War Within, implores leaders to move beyond the safety of the church walls to minister and connect with their communities. Sauls reminds us, “While we know the Bible and try our best to live the Bible, we must travel beyond the building with modern day strategy against Satan for the salvation of others and for the redemption of ourselves.”

Beyond The Building: The War Within, challenges leaders to identify their position in Christ and their responsibility to a war on behalf of the lost. In indentifying responsibility on behalf of the lost, Sauls advises to hold judgment, noting that “When you have not been presented with the reality of Christ, you find it easy to follow the popular way of the world: Just do what everyone else if doing.”

Book Reviews:

“An instructional piece for preparing God’s army soldiers to go out to the trenches prepared and ready to engage one on one with those who are “Beyond the Building” of your soul!” Pastor Robin Holloway

Using scripture to anchor the conversation makes it relevant and not a personal attack on the church, but a recommitment to the essence of being a soldier at war for the sake of the cross.” Kelly Ramsey, CEO of Developing People, Inc.

“This book is written as a means of speaking to everyone that is a part of the Christian community desiring to expand their knowledge of Satan, how to equip themselves against his tricks, ploys and plans, and to rest in the assurance that victory through Jesus Christ is forever secure.”  Pastor David L. Norman

About Ashley Sauls:

Ashley Sauls is a Minister living and working in Central Texas as a Christian author and speaker. In 2013, Sauls debuted her first book, Morning Motivation, a 31-day devotional focused on eliminating negative self-talk by reminding readers of their value in Christ. Learn more at


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