“No matter how dark it is, we never have to be afraid. God is always with us. That’s the key! When God is with us, we can walk “through” anything and not fear what is going on.”

Austin, Texas – Christian author and speaker, Ashley Sauls released her guest blog for The Refreshing Life today. The Refreshing Life Blog is a Christian Lifestyle Blog published weekly on a variety of issues affecting the Christian life.

Sauls’ blog, Trusting In Our Shepherd To Lead Us, discusses Psalm 23, specifically asking Where is the Good Shepherd and delving into the trust we as Christians can invoke as we walk through the good and the bad in our daily lives.

Click here to read Ashley’s blog on The Refreshing Life.

About Ashley:

Ashley Sauls is a Minister living and working in Central Texas as a Christian author and speaker. In 2013, Sauls debuted her first book, Morning Motivation, a 31-day devotional focused on eliminating negative self-talk by reminding readers of their value in Christ. Learn more at www.ashleysauls.com.


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