There is one commonality we can agree upon: 1. We all face enemies, and 2, We all face challenging circumstances. We encounter these experiences as teachable moments. One of my favorite leaders who demonstrated such wisdom is David. The account is found in 2 Samuel 5:17- 25. David encountered the Philistines subsequently, but he did not take the same approach in the encounters. David took time to ask and listen to God to learn what to do and how to respond in the face of adversity. Asking God to help us is a humbling process, because it might mean our ideas will not be approved. God has seen farther ahead and His thoughts are light years ahead of our thoughts in a moment. Asking God also means we must be patient in waiting for His response. Waiting on God doesn’t mean we physically sit and wait until God does something. Waiting is an active process where we must remain open to hearing and to doing what we can in preparation for our next step. If David missed hearing God, he would have made a misguided decision to face the Philistines from the same angle. The men he led could have been wounded unnecessarily by his decision. Can you see the value in pausing to listen?

God always presents us with the choice to listen or the results of addressing matters from our perspective. He uses both options to show the rewards for our obedience in listening (victory) or the consequences in our inattention (defeat). Like David, we are presented with enemies to our time, enemies to our relationships, enemies to our health and well-being, and even the enemies of self-reliance. For us to experience victory over these enemies, we must ask God for His insight and then adhere to His response. Everything within you may scream against the simplicity of this approach. You might ask as I have in the face of real-life challenges, “You just want me to listen! When are you going to do something?” Don’t worry, God honors our truthfulness and He doesn’t run away from our honesty. After you have kicked, screamed or even cried do not leave without receiving an answer from God. Make it a priority to stay at rest until you hear how He wants you to respond to the challenge. Most importantly, expect God to answer and remember that His plans will result in good.

So David asked the Lord, “Should I go out to fight the Philistines? Will you hand them over to me?” The Lord replied to David, “Yes, go ahead. I will certainly hand them over to you”.  

 2 Samuel 5:19

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