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Fueled by passion. Motivated by God. Ashley Sauls helps her audience navigate the daily currents life sends our way, providing motivation for a better tomorrow.

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Morning Motivation

Morning Motivation: Adjust Your Thoughts, Adjust Your Life.

“Scattered with Biblical insight, questions to ponder, and prayers to help even the most feeble pray-er, this book will bless your heart, encourage your soul, and enlighten your mind. – A.H., South Carolina
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Hang On: God is in Charge

Do you ever wonder if God is in charge? Have you found yourself questioning God’s control in your everyday life? It is very easy to say that we believe God when everything works “perfectly.” It is a little more challenging when life is full of interesting twists and turns.

Doing You Has Consequences

A popular catch phrase this year is “Do you boo.” In theory it sounds whimsical and transparent; however doing you has consequences. Think for a moment if you really “did you” or did things you wanted to do. What would be the consequences of your actions? If I only did what I wanted to do, the world would be in trouble!

Make An Attitude of Gratitude A Part of Your Daily Life

Recently, I was asked about having an attitude of gratitude in a negative environment. I know that my strength is not a result of my efforts– far from it! I have to practice and make a decision to focus on having a great day. I have noticed when I say, “Today is going to be rough,” I get what I have spoken. If I sulk or frown, I make matters even worse. I become what I think, I have spoken what I believe, and then I behave based on what I have spoken.

God, Do I Have to Be Transparent With You?

Being transparent as a leader is tough! Transparency means being honest when things are “not okay.” Transparency means that you have to admit that you are “vulnerable.” Transparency means that you have to be honest with yourself and allow others to see where you are now. Transparency is frightening, because many of us do not know how to be authentic.

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