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How to Endure While You Are Being Steeped

This week I want to discuss a new process I’ve learned observing tea. I hope you’re ready! When we think of our lives, we think about the end goal. We are preoccupied with the destination, and we tend to skip discussing the journey.

Learning How to Embrace My Unique “Flavor”

My life is filled with flavor, but I’ve been hiding what it is. Why? I’ve feared what other people thought about my evolving process. I haven’t wanted to be seen as too strong, too weak, too bland, or even too bold.

Do You Want Powerful or Powerless Relationships?

Bringing in the New Year in the dark isn’t fun. January 2018, our neighborhood power shut off and we’d invited guests to celebrate the New Year with us. There isn’t much you can do without electricity, because everything we use depends on it. We ended up calling the...

Are You Listening to the Coach?

This week, I was honored to interview Enrique Pascal to discuss a topic he and his wife know well: relationships. There were so many points of wisdom to glean from, but he challenged us to take one and apply it. He mentioned to us that it’s essential for couples to learn how to listen to their coach, God.

Relationships: Checking Your Connectivity

How many of you can survive without your phones? Let’s face it as much as we need time off the grid we value our conversations. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all need to connect with other people from time to time. Some of us more than others. When we aren’t able to connect, we start to feel lost and disjointed. The same can be said for our need to communicate with other people.

Are You Connected in Your Relationships?

Have you ever tried to charge your phone, but forgot to plug it in? When you needed to connect the most, maybe to pass the time on a long trip or during a break, your battery losses power and eventually your phone will shut down. Recently, I found my battery low and looked down to see, “Hey, I didn’t connect it!” My phone was connected to the cord but my cord wasn’t connected to the outlet. No wonder it continued to stay the same!

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